Depression is something spirits of plain hopelessness and sadness. Anxiety called and anxious complaint considered by a national of extreme nervousness and concern, characteristically with obsessive conductor terror spells. Life is an exam. It will always be full of hearings, evils, and illnesses. Life is not a meager game for you to enjoy. Did you really think you will be allowable to just live to deprive of being confirmed?

Depression and anxiety are two carefully connected conditions troubling most of us at one time or alternative. A little depression and anxiety is a usual part of life which can be preserved with prayer and optimistic thinking. Though, sometimes we innocently cultivate these bad feelings to the point of emerging a nervousness complaint or scientific despair. For those of us who involvement irregular and corrupt levels of unhappiness and concern, there is hope in Islam to cure us of these incapacitating indications without resorting to drugs with harmful side effects.

The surroundings and the atmosphere we live in are dangerous, insecure, hazardous and unstable. No matter how self-protective you initiative, a drunkard may hit you. Your next step could be on a possible sink slum. The next breath you inhale on your travel to work could be the start of a disease or illness leading to a life of unhappiness. The country you assume has reached the essence of monetary success smashes into a downturn before the sun sets. The republic you assume to be safe detonates into an unexpected and energetic war immediate. We are not free from the wicked of magical and the wicked eye. For even if a virtuous one looks at somewhat good out of envy, then observe the obliteration of that good thing very soon. Though, in the calculation to all of the overhead, there is however to happen, the utmost disaster, the Day of Decision, the Day of Revival.

We should pursue our treatment for unhappiness and nervousness in a rounded way by speaking its corporal, rational, and mystical features. These indicators happen since it is somewhat incorrect in our form, attention, or soul which wants to be immovable. Too frequently Muslims pursue the treatment exclusively by mystical means of prayer but are left dissatisfied when the indications persevere. Though prayer is very significant, it is only one part of the mystery. We cannot achieve total respite until we reinstate a fit equilibrium in all features of our existence. Here are some remedies which can surely hold your depression and give you hope to smile and bright future. Here are some aspects which will give u peace and give you a relief from anxiety and depression.

In touch With Allah.

You have to believe in Allah. Once you have Allah with you then know that the whole thing is well. How can one achieve a close relationship with Allah if the heart is void of saying Allah is one. So it’s obligatory upon us to reach an appropriate and reliable understanding of belief that all might is the one .he can only solve your problems and then wholeheartedly live by it.



Read Quran and Follow the Sunnah.

You are reading Quran and following the sunnah your problems will be solved by the blessing of Allah. Responsibility this not only lets us achieve our drive which is to adoration Allah and follow the paths of the Messenger (peace be upon him) but it also permits us to do countless good actions, simple so far influential and countless in the sight of Allah. Allah calls his creatures who from between us doesn’t want a heavenly and a substantial life. It’s what we struggle for and track about on the expression of the Earth looking for and yet, here, Allah is contribution it with such comfort. When we visit Holy Makkah and Madinah, we see many historical places of Islam which induce the sense of God-consciousness and develop lasting peace in our souls. Thus, to get such affections of Allah Almighty, various Umrah packages are available.

Repent and Seek Forgiveness and Marcy.

Trust that Allah will always love you go and repent he is the most merciful. Allah said Allah would not punish them while you (Muhammad – peace be upon him) are between them, nor will He correct them while they pursue (Allah’s) Clemency.



Don’t Lose the Hope and Be Positive

Don’t lose the hope trying to remember Allah it will give peace to you and your heart. Learn the sayings of remembrance that the Forecaster (peace be upon him) would continuously do. Such as the supplications at exact times at actions (sleeping, eating and drinking etc.) and at places. These will defend you from the wicked of the devils, enchanted and the evil eye.



Believe that Everything Comes From ALLAH.

Overwhelming depression and anxiety when they have a power over our lives is an extraordinarily problematic task, so far there is hope for healing and a clear trail advancing in Islam. All things are possible with Allah and no pit of misery is too profound to increase above with His help. It will take exertion and willpower as we take custody of our well-being. Each of us involvements a unique set of conditions and tests in our lives, which means the particulars of our action tactics will vary, but our complete refurbishment will always involve therapeutic each feature of our existence: body, mind, and personality.



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