The Jamarat are three stone pillars which are bombarded as a required ritual of Hajj in imitation of the Prophet Ibraham. They characterize the three sites where Abraham showered the Satan with stones when he tried to deter him from forgoing his son Ismail. The pillars are called ‘Jamarat-al-Ula’, ‘Jamarat-al-Wusta and Jamarat-al-Aqaba’.

One of the drives of the Hajj is to remembrance, while in Mina, how a ninety-four-year-old father carried his eight-year-old son here for sacrifice. Ibrahim had first left his wife and newborn son, Ismail (upon him be peace) in the reward upon Allah’s knowledge. Then while recurring after eight years to them he saw a vision where a man told him that Allah required him to expense his son. He saw the same vision for three repeated nights and as he was a Prophet, his thoughts were a form of Heavenly Instruction. He realized that Allah required him to sacrifice his son for whom his heart was overfilled with love and feelings. He went to his wife and demanded her to dress up Ismail. Ismail was delighted that his father had come after such a long time and was now captivating him out for a walk. When Hajra asked, “Where are you taking him? He replied, to meet someone. So He takes Ismail for the sacrifices. On the Way, Satan meet him. He wants to distract Ibrahim. When he looked to him at the first Jamarat, Gibreal said to Ibrahim (upon him be peace): “attack him!” so Ibrahim (upon him be peace) tossed seven stones at him and he vanished from him. Then he seemed to him at the second Jamarat. Gabriel said to him: “Attack him!” so he attacked him with seven stones and he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the third Jamarat. Gabriel (upon him be peace) again taught him: “Attack him!” so he attacked him again with seven minor stones and Satan extracted from him. This action is imitative by all Pilgrimage. Symbolizing one’s byline that Satan is one’s enemy and ought to be disgusted. For your comfortable journey of hajj and Umrah, we are giving you a cheap Umrah packages. Which is in your range. These cheap Umrah packages will give you the best services in low rates.



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