It has been made vibrant that the judiciary is essential to defend human society and that its standard is nothing other than expose. The management of justice in human society is possible finished a judge who has knowledge of the heavenly standard for the judiciary and who trusts in it and acts in conformism with it. If knowledge, faith, and exploit did not exist together, the standard itself would not have any result, for it would be like a light in the hand of a sightless person who can neither benefit from it himself nor benefit others. His Anger should be moderate, and he should not rule out of abhorrence for a matter or aggression to a person, or out of fear of a danger or pressure, or for any other reason connected to anger, detestation, and the like. He would not wish anything that God was not satisfied with, nor be desirous by something God disliked. He would not desire an unjust thing or slope towards pride, and it would not be possible to inspiration or control him through his Desire. Thirdly, it refers to the sort of Anger. As God, the Noble, said supporters, be you securers of justice, observers for God. Let not hatred for a people move you not to be reasonable; be reasonable that is nearer to god dreading. And fear God surely God is aware of the things you do. God, the High, commands the correct to be ‘securers of justice’ for God and observers for justice. God, the Glorious, also cautions the believer lest abhorrence of a people and hostility to them should lead him to intemperance justice and lest hatred should affect his judgments. The judge must be directed by the laws of God, the Glorious, so that his anger is only for the sake of God, and his abhorrence for a people must not reason him an unfair presiding. If the faculty of his Anger is controlled in this way, he will have no terror and anxiety of anyone other than Allah and it will not be possible to the inspiration he finished the stimulation of his ‘Anger’.



Types of Judges

There are three types of judges each answerable.

  1. Qadi (judge) accountable for setting arguments between people
  2. Muhtasib (inspector) answerable for relaxing any opening of law that may harm the rights of the community
  3. Qadi Mazalim (Government Inquiries Judge) responsible for settling arguments between the people and the administration.

There are seven conditions for the post of Judge in Islam





5.Just fair

6.Learned scholar

7.Conscious of how to apply the rules to the proceedings



When man reaches this kind of switch over the self, and is controlled of knowledge and justice, and his intelligent and social abilities have been weakened, then it is in order for him to apply himself to settlement and inhabit the location held by none other than the prophet or his lawful trustee for even if he is neither a prophet nor official as a trustee through a remarkable trustee­ship as in the case of the Dependable People, peace be upon them he is a trustee finished a general trusteeship in agreement with the texts of nomination God, the Grand, says: Confidently we have sent down to thee the Book with the fact, so that thou majesty judge between the people by that God has exposed the. So be not a supporter for the conspirators. The judge has been prohibited to be a supporter for the conspirator and defend him, for the traitor only betrays himself, and so is not adored by Allah, the Exalted. The judge must be his protector against predisposing towards him, defensive him, driving away the burdened person, and stand up by the autocrat.


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