Hostility and conflicts have misbalanced the balance of the social order. We can see many issues elevated due to hostilities in the social order of our environments. If we are in an uncluttered field and we can perceive rain, we look to find lodging and defense, thus we can say that it is cowardice? We would call it realism because we observe things realistically and even think about our weakness.



It shows that endurance and escaping must not consider signs or symbol of faintness or cynical boldness. This insolence is also experienced in the rites of hajj and Umrah via Umrah Packages. When we offer prayers in holy cities of Makkah and Medina, we feel lasting pleasure in our soul. And we begin to neglect hostility and other act of confrontations. In another way, all these religious obligations teach us peace and tolerance.

Similarly, when we face earthquake, we move outdoor and leave our homes, so it will be considered defeatism no it is called endorsement of the reality of nature. In this way, if we encounter some change and issues, then salutation is the only solution, not combat. The natural system of shower and earthquake and other natural disasters are a tiny part of the divine scheme of Allah Almighty. We are unable to change or contest it but through dissimilar strategies and plans we can defend ourselves from their terrible belongings or we can overlook them for a while and wait for their discounts by smearing the belief of evasion.



Henceforth, in all circumstances, we have to keep endurance in all even difficult conditions.  The rule of evasion simply means abstention from wasting energy, time and capitals in a useless battle. This code must be safeguarded on the eve of Umrah and hajj. Now Umrah Packages can be availed by visiting online websites of different travel agencies.

when these are the truthful and truthful methods of life. This tactic is energetic for the successful and peaceful existence of human beings as Allah Almighty has decided man autonomy to choose whatever he thinks decent for himself. Occasionally we efficiently and competently use this autonomy and sometimes we misapplication it and use for wrong determination.


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