Angel is a spiritual being superior to persons in power and intellect. Angels are characteristically labeled as compassionate. In collective legends, Angels are supposed of as good militaries of the countryside, hologram imageries, or impressions. In Islamic policy, they are real shaped beings who will finally suffer death but are usually hidden from our minds.

This is the faith to announce the belief with the language and confirm its truth with the heart. In the faith, one has to tolerate/observer to the truth in the next words: “I tolerate observer that there is no god for worship but Allah and I bear observer that Muhammad is the Domestic and Advocate of Allah.” By announcing this faith one indirectly trusts in the next Trainings of Trust.



Angels were shaped from light before human beings were formed, and thus their explicit or representative picture in Islamic art is rare.  Yet, they are usually beautiful beings with wings as labeled in Muslim scripture.

In the book of Hadith its mention: Allah has been given the authorization to speak around one of the Angels of Allah who transmit the Throne.  The coldness between his ear-lobes and his shoulders is equivalent to a seven-hundred-year journey.

Muslims believe in specific Angels stated in the Islamic sources like Gabriel, Michael, Israel, Malik – the protector over Hell, and others.  Of these, only Gabriel and Michael are stated in the Bible.



Some Angels are put in the responsibility of effecting God’s law in the corporeal world.  Michael is accountable for rain, leading it wherever God wishes.  He has assistants who assist him by the facility of his Lord. they straight the winds and clouds, as God wills.  Another is accountable for puffing the Horn, which will be puffed by Israafeel at the onset of the Day of Decision.  Others are answerable for taking souls out of the forms at the time of death: The Angel of Death and his supporters.  Allah says: The Angel of Death, put in the safe keeping of you, will take your souls, then shall you be transported back to your Lord.

Some Angels are wanderers, traveling around the world in search of meetings where Allah is recalled. Muslims Believes Angels are also performing hajj and Umrah.

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