Religion, directly or indirectly, has always been impacted to all the human beings in some way or the other. For some, this is an antique relic, while an ethic for others. All of us have to have a religion, this may be endowed to us by our families or various of us change their religion as per our mindsets, or casually we can say, the one that suits them.

Religion has been in being ever since the creation or origin of the world.  This has prejudiced the lives and made the creature called human, a true human. From ancient times, this has changed in agreement with the logical thinking of human mentality. Religion has always been related with the managing of humans, and to inspire humanity in every aspect of life. For this, many religions have been introduced with the passage of time to effect people in more convenient as well as casual manner. These newly introduced religions have thereby introduced newer groups too!



With the arrival of these new communities, the whole human race has imprinted up in a number of different streams following different religions and so different Gods.

In a nation like ours, diversity has been our individuality, our forte, and our faintness at the same time. A number of religions are there in India along different philosophies, rituals, ethics, teachings, and frolics; however, the spirit and the feature remains the same for all faiths.

At times people from different attitudes, different faiths, and different groups can be seen united for a cause or opposing each other in another instant of time for the sake of their faiths and groups. Literally, religion can affect to make the world, a better one or to abolish the world to nothing for actually no specific reason.

Some people, particularly the youngsters of the country, are inspiring from the thinness of sticking to one specific religion. They have brought out a religion of their own known ‘Humanity’. Humanity is actually the essential essence of every religion and thus exceeds all the existing religions throughout the world. Moreover, people from the young generation are getting influenced by this and are becoming more logical and joint. They are communicating the basic logics behind every religion to the people who are more rational and unbending with their religions.

In this too diversified religious nation, there are also some folks who are taking advantages of the faith of innocent people. They have prompted their so called businesses to make various money in the exchange of people’s faith in their religion. Many of them have become fruitful in bringing out new communities of their own who are following them with huge belief.

At last, I would just say that religions are made by us only for the improvement of our thoughts and behavior, and us in all, not to abolish us.  The best religion is Islam that can only provide the best way of how to live good life. In the Islam, you can remove their sin and enter into the heaven. Such as by performing Umrah by December Umrah packages at any time of the year.


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