Al Mosque Al Aqsa has a very remarkable place in the hearts of the whole Muslim public due to its exclusive and ironic history as a place of worship that is so thoroughly entwined with the lives of many of the Prophets of Islam, as well as for its singular status as a mosque to which travel is optional and in which reward is augmented. It is a singular and blessed Mosque of vast size including 144,000 square meters in scope and with size to lodge in the region of 500,000 parishioners. Then the main things are the classified in the things.

Mosque al-Aqsa is not only the Qibla mosque or the Arch of the Pillar. It is, in fact, the whole region tinted above and is also known as Bayt al-Maqdis or Bayt al-Muqaddas meaning is House of the Sacredness. The name ‘Masjid al-Aqsa’ interprets as ‘the utmost mosque’ and is the third most divine place in Islam.



Al Masjid Al Aqsa was the first qibla in Islam and it has been an important and vital place of worship for the Prophets of Islam. It was built forty years afterward Al Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. There is a difference of estimation between researchers as to who exactly built Al Masjid Al Aqsa, with some scholars and historians proclaiming the view that Al Masjid Al Aqsa was built by Prophet Adam (as), and others opining that it was constructed by Prophet Ibrahim (P.B.U.H). It has also been reconstructed, renewed and long-drawn-out many times in the past of Islam.

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) devoted a great deal of his life development the Friends to appreciate the outstanding makings of Masjid al-Aqsa. Some of the details why Masjid al-Aqsa should form an important aspect of a believer’s devotion is that it is:

a) The first qiblah for Muslims

b) The position of al-Isra and al-Mi’raj

c)The second house of Allah built on soil

d)The place where hundreds of Envois of Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) are buried where numerous Sahabah are buried

e) A place which Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) Himself calls a ‘sacred place Mentioned too traditional and tortuously, 70 times in the Quran.



In Makkah, there is also one mosque which called Qabliatain. There is two sides kiblah in this mosque. One is on the side of Haram and Other is on the side of al-Aqsa mosque. When people go for hajj and Umrah they will go and visit there. If you are planning for umrah. we are giving you the best Umrah in cheap Umrah packages. These cheap Umrah packages are very inexpensive and economical.


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