This is the estimated area in Mosque. It is the place of Sa’ee where the house of Abbas was situated. Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) was a fatherly uncle of the Prophet (P.U.B.H) and endangered him while he was in Makkah. When people come to visit holy Kabbah for Umrah and Hajj they will visit this place which is inside the Mosque.
Abbas was one of the newest brothers of the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) father Abdullah. Throughout the early years, while Islam was ahead believers, Abbas provided a guard to his kinsman but did not accept the faith. He was taken during the Battle of Bader and accepted Islam just beforehand the reduction of Makkah. 20 years after his wife, umm al-Fadl, whose actual name was Lubaba Bint al- Harith, was one of the initial converts to Islam. She was a close friend of Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her).

Abu Talib The uncle of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.H.U), has a large family. People, as you see, have been distressed by this severe lack and are opposite hunger. Let us go to Abu Talib and take over accountability for some of his family said, Abbas. I will income one of his sons and you can take extra and we will take overhaul them.” Abbas accepted and together they died to Abu Talib and said to him: “We lack to ease some of the weight of your family until such time as this difficult period has gone.” Abu Talib agreed and the Prophet (P.B.H.U) took Ali ibn e Talib into his household and Abbas acquired Jafar into his. Jafar remained with his uncle, Abbas, unsure he was a young man.
Abbas rights of which was approved down to his descendants. He is buried in the Jannatul Baqi graveyard in Madinah. If you are planning to see these holy place in the journey of Holy Umrah and Hajj. We are giving you Umrah packages and tickets guideline. Our Umrah packages will provide you best services at inexpensive prices associated to tickets and other things about Umrah.


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