Blessed Foothills

The mountain where our prophet spends time or walks on the hill for any reason. Muslims love those blessed places. These mountains are sacred for Muslim. When Muslim pilgrims visit Madinah for the Umrah. they visit this hill.

History of Mountain Rumah

This small crag in front of Mount Uhud is where the Prophet (P.B.H.U) had located archers during the Battle of Uhud. Prophet(P.B.U.H) come here with the strict orders not to move. It was the abandonment of their poles by many of the archers. Muslim warriors thought the battle was over that led to a setback of wealth for the Muslims in the war.



What happened in Battle

The Prophet (P.B.H.U) chosen fifty archers under the Order to Abdullah bin Zubair the Islamic warrior and said to him, “Energy off the horses from us, lest we must be criticized from the rear. Whether we win or lose the fight stands steadily at your location. See that we are not criticized from your side.

It was in this state of affairs that Anas bin Nadhr saw Saad bin Maaz transitory in front of him. He yelled to him: “O Saad! Where are you going? Through Allah! I smell the cologne of Heaven coming from Base Uhud.” Saying this, he tossed himself into the very thick of the open. He fought tooth and nail till he met his death. After the fight, it was found that his body had been clawed and maimed to such an extent that only his sister could categorize him, and that hardly from the fingertips. No less than eighty injuries of arrows and swords were totaled on his body. Muslims make some supplications when they come here for Umrah or Hajj.



To be resentful of victory ended the Quraysh when it was inside grasping was a great dissatisfaction to the Prophet (PBUH), particularly as the archers had defied a direct teaching. At this bitter instant, the holy verses of the Quran originated down to console and guide him with the next words: “By the mercy of Allah you have unstiffened towards them. Had you been coarse, hard-hearted, they would have discrete away from you. So what them, ask clemency for them and consult them in affairs. Once you make a choice, then trust in Allah. Allah loves those who faith in Him. If you want to visit holy places like this mountain and you are planning for Umrah. we are offering you cheap Umrah packages which are best for you.


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