Surah Al-Aser is one of the initial Chapters of Quran, which was exposed in Makkah, and is also the second straight Section of Quran. Notwithstanding having just three verses, it is careful to be the spirit of the entire Holy Quran, as it is a marvelous means of redemption. This Surah brings one`s focus towards four basic Islamic philosophies and beliefs, which result in reaching a state of rectitude and politeness in all subjects of life. People recite this chapter when they go for Umrah and Hajj. Its shortest and easy to memories.

Message through Out this Chapter

The simple conversion for the word Asar would be time.  Though, Asar has an abundant profound meaning than additional Arabic word meaning time, date.  Dahr means time with no bounds placed upon it, Asar on the other pointer means the time that is incomplete; time that will come to an end.  At a language level, one of the senses of Asar is somewhat that is pressed or hugged.  Allah is imprecation an oath by time, a time that is incomplete, a time that will end and a time that must be cuddled or pressed so that we, humankind, get as abundant from our incomplete time as likely. Allah is also entreating us to reflect on the way of time.  Another connotation that is given to the term Asar is the decreasing day, the time of the Asr entreaty, when the day is winding down pending to an end.  Allah is effective us that our time is short and incomplete and if we do not make the greatest of it. we are confidently the losers, verily, Allah says, we are in loss.



The whole world distinguishes about and shadows the maxim, “Time is money”. The Islamic opinion of view about Time is also the same, but it shadows a greater suggestion than just next to this world. For every true follower knows that life on earth is temporary and its eternal achievement lies in terms of fair Allah SWT and living its life rendering to His Directives. The Almighty Lord says in the Holy Quran in Episode Al-Asar.If you are going for Umrah. We are offering you Umrah packages. These packages are very good and inexpensive.


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