Islam is the religion of peace and Love. Islam has a great story about the bravery of his soldiers. Khalid bin Waleed is the Great soldier of Islam. Allah chooses him for the religion of Islam. He converts Islam. While Islamic antiquity is full of strange instances of military aptitude and feats of arms, the majority of military historians tend to stress on the most acquainted masters of the art of war.



Though he fought in contradiction of Muhammad Mustafa (P.B.H.U) at Uḥud, Khalid was later reformed and join Muhammad in the overthrow of Makkah. later he well-ordered an amount of defeats and assignments in the Arabian Cape. After the death of Muhammad (P.B.H.U), Khalid recaptured a number of shares that were contravention away from Islam. He was sent northeastward by the caliph Abu Bakr to attack Iraq, where he busy Al-Hurrah. Journey the desert, he aided in the defeat of Syria; and, though the new caliph, Umar, officially relieved him of high knowledge (for unknown reasons), Khalid remained the real leader of the militaries facing the Devious armies in Syria and Palestine. The Prophet space and blessings of Allah be upon him, who was then in Madinah, was speaking to his friends when he received the expose about what was going on in the fight, and he knowledgeable them of the death of the three leaders. “Then,” he said, “a sword of Allah took hold of the excellent and saved the day.” Thus, it was that our hero Khalid ibn AI-Waleed was given the title of Shafiullah. ‘The Sword of Allah.’ The heroic nature of Khalid is revealed in another manner in this famous battle of Yarmouk. For in the midst of that critical battle Khalid received a letter in which he was informed of the death of Abu Bakr and the orders of the new Caliph that he make Abu Obadiah in charge. These blessed battles were in the blessed grounds and Muslim go for the ziarat in these places. for the visit, you have to see some Packages. There are many Umrah packages from London.




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